Bird Nest Removal

Jordan Brothers provide a professional service in bird nest removal for properties in London, Hertfordshire and Essex.

We have a great deal of experience with all types of bird nest problems and provide effective solutions to remove and safeguard the property from future bird nesting problems.

Building and Legal Regulations

In the first instance it is important to check the building and legal regulations. It is important to get an update of the current legislation in relation to bird control to get the most effective way to deal with bird nesting problems without breaking the law.

It would be a good idea to check the wildlife laws as to see if there are any reasons so to not remove the bird nest. An important issue to check is at certain periods of the year certain types of birds might be protected by the law and their nests cannot be removed.

The Reason For Removing The Bird Nests

There are various reasons why a bird nest must be removed and below are some of the reasons to check if it is worth removing a bird nest.

Roof Damage

The birds nesting can cause issues to do with gutters, vents, fascia and soffits. The birds can disrupt the rooftrim and cause damage which can be very costly to repair. The build up of the debris can be a major concern and disrupt the flow of air. For instance damage can be done to the surface of the roof and pose a real challenge to repair damaged wood shingles and rooftrim.

Heath Issues

It needs to be taken into consideration bird droppings can cause and spread infections and pose serious health risks.

Furthermore bird droppings are known to contribute to fungal disease known as Histoplasmosis which can spread to people. The bird droppings are a hazard for the surface of the roof as by the birds creating nests there is a possibility of bird droppings which could lead to the dissolving of the paint and erode the surface of the roof tiles.

The issues is not just confined to the bird nests damaging the exterior of the roof but can further clog the gutters, this could lead to a serious issues with the restriction of the flow of the water by clogging the ventilation and damaging the roof.

Therefore it is important to take into consideration the above and many other problems associated with bird nesting in a property.

It would be a good idea to get a free consultation and to consider the various options as to what to do with the bird nest and how to ensure there is no continuation of the problem in the future.

Dead Birds

There are issues to do with birds being on a property which can result in dead birds being found on the property. The odour of decomposition of the dead birds could be the first time it becomes apparent the presence of the birds.  It would be important to dispose of the dead birds body in a professional and effective way. Since there is a possibility of the spread of diseases. It would be an environmental hazard and the presence of dead birds on the property could attract other pests to the property.

Services We Offer

We Offer A Bird Nest Removal Service which acts an effective solution for residential and commercial properties. The aim is to offer a friendly service and use the latest methods in bird nest removals. Our bird test services would include:


Effective Bird Control


Bird Nest Removal


Bird Foul Removal


All Waste Clearance


Risk Assessment

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Bird Netting


We are experienced at removing bird nests and always employ the latest methods to find solutions to bird nest removals.


The requirement of every property varies in the level of service needed to remove the bird nests and it is important to get free consultation and advice as to how to deal with the bird nesting problems to find the most cost effective solution.

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