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Chimney Sweep London -This Information is Important – Read Carefully

We provide a comprehensive service to various postcode within London and surrounding areas. We specialise in chimney sweeping service and repairs. A chimney sweep is important for the property and the following information gives an idea about our services.

We pride ourselves on using traditional and modern up to date chimney sweep methods. All our services come with reliable after service to test our work. This means a full inspection is carried out to ensure all the work is of the highest standards for a more long-lasting solution to any chimney issues.

Chimney Sweep is not a service for us it is a passion which we do very well.

We only employ experienced chimney sweepers that can carry out the work to the highest standards. One of the most important aspects of regular checking the chimney is to reduce the chances of any accumulation of dangerous gasses within the property and to make it possible for the escape of the gases from the property.

The Importance of chimney sweep service.

The issue of how often you should have your chimney swept would depend to a great extent to the usage of the fireplace. However, as a general rule the chimneys should be swept at least once a year and to have the chimney swept more often would depend on other factors. These could be if the fireplace is regularly used it would be a good idea to have the chimney swept twice a year.

Health Warnings

It needs not to be underestimated the fireplace would also be needed to be cleaned to ensure free from hazard and to use the property. It is important for the well-being if the resident and occupants of the property to clean the fireplace and the chimney to make it possible for the property to be free from a build-up of dangerous gasses and to reduce the chances of fire to break out in the property.

Therefore any types of hazards are a risk to the property and a health hazard. It is important to fix the right types of smoke alarms within the property to help to reduce the chances of any risks of a fire breakout and to protect human lives.

Chimney sweeping is not just to maintain the well being of the property but to help protect human lives. As the inhaling of dangerous fumes which can be a result of the gas or solid fuel from the fireplace of chimney not escaping the property result in serious damages to a person’s health.

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The above should be the primary reasons as to why it is important to get chimneys swept.  

Do not hesitate to get a free quote for the work and to give us a call to discuss in more detail your requirements.

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