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Find a Reliable Tradesman

It must not be taken lightly as to whom to employ to do work on the house. Since the wrong choice could lead to could cost a lot. The aim is to avoid cowboys and to find an honest and reliable person to offer a service at a reasonable price. The aim is to reduce the chances of getting work carried out which is sub-standard which causes problems in the long run. It is important to get things right from the start and by carrying out research it would help to find the best course of action to take to help with carrying the job.

One of the best ways to find a reliable tradesman is by word of mouth. It is important to seek recommendations and referrals to seek a genuine and reliable tradesman. It is important to try to get things right and to apply a vetting procedure which reduces the risk of getting ripped off. However, in the event of not having success by asking friends and family, it would be a good idea to search online or trade directories. It is worth looking at trade websites and to read reviews or to look for an established tradesman on TrustMark website.

It would be very important to ask before hiring a tradesman as to their professional qualifications and if they hold any form of professional indemnity insurance. Also, it might be worthwhile asking for work they have already done for previous clients and if you could have some contacts to help you decide if it worth hiring the tradesman. Since references are important and ask how long they have been in business.Furthermore, it is important to ask what guarantees are offered and how long will be the work be under guarantee.

Thus it would be important to take into consideration the following points:

• How long has the tradesman and their company been established?

• Past reference history.

• Trade associations and licenses.

• Give a clean and concise idea as to what work you want to be done.

• Make sure all the work is compliant with building regulations.

• It is best to get a written estimate and contract.

Once you have carried out a research and spoken to various tradesman it would give you an idea as to who you feel more comfortable doing business with as it is important to get on with the person too. Finally, it is worth getting written quotations from various trades companies to help decide who to select and gives you a chance to compares the different type of services which would be covered by the quotation.

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