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Health and Safety In the Property

In the United Kingdom the laws in relation to health and safety are governed by the principle of Health and Safety at Work Act and it requires the laws to be interpreted with the framework of the statues to help reduce the risks of accidents. For instance under the Occupiers Liability Act there is a need to not breach the duty of care owed to a person by being carelessness or negligent. Therefore all work in a property must be carried out with the prime focus of not breaching a contractual relationship.

Therefore any tradesmen carrying out work on a property need to undertake the work with a professed level of skill and care as it would be needed to considered reasonable to carry out the work safely. There is a requirement the tradesman would need to have a level of duty of care of duty of which ensures they met the requirement of what is expected of a reasonable person. This is very important in the context of a property and ensuring the health and safety of its occupants. For instance under the Chimney Sweepers Act 1788 there was need to introduce legislation which aimed at to stop child labour and the Chimney Sweepers Act 1834 was also an attempt to stop child labour and further the Chimney Sweepers and Chimneys Regulation Act 1840 was introduce as an important legislation to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to sweep chimneys.

It is important to realise the use of carbon monoxide and gases which can help an on the health of the public. Therefore the idea of getting regular inspection must not be ignored and professional chimney sweepers are aware of the dangers of hazards and how to remove the creosote and dangerous flue from the chimney. Thus there is a need for the chimney associations and professional bodies working in the Untied Kingdom to update its members which the knowledge of keeping properties safe and updated on important regulations.

The aim is to make sure that chimneys are not a free access for the releasing of gases and other particles in the atmosphere and to increase the efficiency of the appliances used to clean the chimneys. For instance the use of any form of material for the chimney needs to be not in breach of the building regulations.

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