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Opening Up a Fireplace 

It is important to know how to open a fireplace. It was common practice in the 1950s to seal the fireplace due to the installation being carried out for the modern gas heating systems. Therefore, if someone is renovating or buying an older property, it might be good to ensure the fireplace, which adds beauty to the room by opening it up and using it.

For instance, it could be a property you have acquired and found a fireplace that needs to be opened. It might be an older property with a sealed fireplace that needs to be opened.

Check the Chimney 

It is important to conduct a detailed assessment of the chimney structure to check for any defective structural issues. This should be done before opening the fireplace. Therefore, check the recess before starting any work to open the fireplace. This is important at the preparation stage and selecting the correct tools needed to do the job. 

It might be a good idea to do some research on the different types of chimneys to better understand the various issues that could impact the fireplace. Since the chimney structure would depend on the type of property design and style. It is important to have a fireplace that is compatible with the design of the chimney on the property.

Get Advice Before Opening a Fireplace

It is always good to seek the advice of a surveyor before thinking of opening a chimney since there is a risk of structural damage to the chimney. One of the essential aspects is the lintel, and care should be demonstrated in handling the lintel. Therefore, getting a survey done will help understand the requirement in opening a fireplace and make sure the correct steps are being taken in opening the fireplace.

It is essential to remove the plaster from the fireplace to get a better visible view of the lintel. It is good to check if any damage has been done to the lintel and get a better idea of how to repair it. This will help prolong the lintel’s life and protect the fireplace. Therefore, it is important to clear the lintel from all forms of obstructions and to maintain the fireplace.

It is essential to check for any damage to the arches or the lintels and check the flue or chimney capping. It might be good to clean the fireplace area to see the chimney and decide to check the lining and carry out a smoke test.

Looking After the Fireplace

It is a good idea to maintain and look after the fireplace, and it adds character and charm to your property. It is good to check the current building legislation as all kinds of building work must comply with the building regulations.

Also, before starting any building work, it is essential to carry out a risk assessment to make sure no one is put at risk. Also, it is a good idea before starting any work to wear the correct protective clothing and safety helmet to carry out all the necessary work.

Be Careful in Opening a Fireplace

Therefore, any attempts to open the fireplace must be handled with care. This is because safety is the most important aspect of opening a chimney. It is essential to keep everyone safe and to ensure minimal risk to the building. Also, opening a fireplace can be complicated. It is good to seek professional expert advice to find the best solution and get a price estimate to fix the problem.

It is essential to clean all dust, debris and materials which might block the fireplace. Use the correct tools and cleaning equipment to carry out the job and ensure there is enough room to carry out our job. Also, cleaning up the fireplace area will give good visibility of the fireplace. Further, it will help remove any unnecessary dirt from the fireplace area.

It is important to know if the flue is still intact, as getting the fireplace to work is easier. It is good to work on the fireplace before doing other renovation work on the chimney. Therefore, it might be good to check the chimney and the fireplace to check the type of work needed to be done and how many days it will take to do all the work.

Also, it is a good idea to inspect the flue. The smoke test must be carried out to ensure no adverse issues with the risk of smoke in the fireplace and the building is protected and safe. 

In Conclusion

The fireplaces are often kept closed as more popular eco-friendly and efficient heating systems are preferred in homes. Also, it might be the correct assumption to tell new builds that do not have a fireplace. However, the elegance and character of a fireplace add beauty to the room, which cannot be undermined.

It is important to assess the need for a fireplace on the property. For instance, it is important to decide the use of the fireplace and how it will give an advantage to the property. This can be more important in the winter months, where there is a need for more heat, and having a fireplace will help keep the property warm.

Also, before deciding to have a fireplace, it is important to check if the property is used for the fireplace. Also, to check the type of chimney the property has and see the correct type of fireplace. 

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