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Tips  To Prevent A Chimney Fire In Your Property 

We live in an unpredictable world and many property owners struggle with maintenance of their properties.

Even if there is sufficient time spent on looking after your property, how do you know if the property is well protected without getting it assessed by qualified tradesman and professionals?

If you want to make sure the property is safe it is important to keep on top of all the property maintenance requirements. It is worth keeping a check list to ensure all the safety essentials are taken care off. It needs to be taken into consideration safety must be maintained at all times by regular inspection and cleaning of the chimney it can help prevent the chances of a fire within the property and the chimney. For instance the use of chimney liner is very important to help reduce the chances of the accumulation of heat within the chimney and further helps to safeguard the chimneys from damage.

The reality is there are many times where accidents take place due to the carelessness and lack of maintenance of a property.

  • You probably already are aware how easy it is for a fire to start and spread in the property. Therefore it is important to make sure there are sufficient safety measures in place which help to prevent the outbreak of a fire within the property.
  • For instance it is worth making sure you are using the right type of fuel for the chimneys. Furthermore the chimney’s must be swept by a professional chimney sweeper.
  • Also it is essential requirement the property is fitted with a smoke alarm.
  • The failure to take the adequate steps might not just result in damage to the property but could result in the sad loss of lives.
  • It is important to use wood which is for instance seasoned and not dry. The aim is to not try to use unseasoned wood and try to reduce the amount of long periods of burning of wood in the stove. Since the use of virgin or green wood is more likely to contribute to the accumulation of creosote and can be hazard for the property.
  • The stove needs to be kept clean and it is advisable to make sure there are no debris which can be a risk to starting a fire.
  • Furthermore there is a need to use installation carried out by a professional chimney sweeper. The property must at all times have the correct ventilation system in place to help cope with the wood burning and to solve the problems associated with the build of gasses within the property. It is important to buy the right type of fuel.

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