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Why Should You Get Your Chimney Cleaned?

The importance of well-functioning chimney must not be underestimated. The property needs to be kept in well-maintained order and a fully serviced chimney is no different from the windows, doors and other security features in the property. 

It might be correct to point out buying an asset such as a property it is important to consider the associated running costs of keeping the asset such a property well maintained. 

It might depend on when you last got your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweeper. For instance, if it has been over six months to a year it is likely your chimney needs to be cleaned. However, it is important to check for any abnormalities to make sure the chimney is working fine. 

It is important to seek professional advice to check for any visible sign of a build-up of tar, soot or any other forms of debris within the chimney. 

Therefore, by getting a chimney cleaned you will be protecting your asset. 

When should you clean the chimney? 

 In most cases a chimney cleaning is done atleast once a year. It is important to keep up to date with maintaining the chimney to avoid the risk of damage to the chimney and costly big bills.

The Reasons For A Blocked Chimney 

It might not be a surprise there has always been issues with chimney blockage. The amount of debris and other items can play a role in causing a hindrance within the chimney. However, it must not be underestimated that birds and other animals might use the chimney to create nests. For instance, squirrels have also been known to create nests within the chimney. 

It is important to remove the nests and other items blocking the chimney. The presence of such nests and debris will cause the chimney to deteriorate and run the risk of fire damage. 

Further a blocked chimney might be due to the high tar deposits and it might affect the flue performance. The issue of the interior chimney cannot be taken lightly. An expert chimney sweeper would be able to give the correct advice as to what type of blockage is present and how to best remove it. 

Do you have a Stove 

In the first instance, it is important to assess what type of stove is fitted within your property. As there are various types of stoves which are more prone to releasing creosotes within the property. 

The importance of a flue cannot be undermined in the performance of a chimney. For instance, it might be a case to properly inspect the flue. The need for a close examination would be needed to determine if the flue is insulated or non-insulated. 

Do you burn coal? 

It is important to consider if coal is burnt. The use of coal is likely to contribute to a larger amount of soot. The need is to examine the type of chimney cleaning to prevent the risk of a fire breakout. 

The Things Which Indicate Your Chimney Needs To Be Cleaned 

It is important to look out for the build-up of creosote as it might restrict the airflow from in and out of the chimney. Also, it is worth checking if there are any birds nests present within the chimney. It might be the case you can hear the sounds of the birds coming from the chimney to give you an indication as to the presence of the birds within the chimney. 

Furthermore, it is a good idea to check for any unusual smell coming for the area of the fireplace as it might be an indication blockage within the chimney. The presence of any material or items within the chimney might be a risk to the safety of the property and a fire hazard. 

Review The Fireplace 

It is important to check the fireplace and to make sure the fire is burning properly. A blocked fireplace may be a hindrance to the flow of air and might have an impact on the fire. For instance, it might be a case the gases do not escape properly from the fireplace and restrict the fire from fully burning. Further, it is important to maintain the fireplace for safety measures. 

The poorly burning fires might be an indication your chimney needs to be cleaned. Also while inspecting the chimney it is important to check for any odours coming from the chimney area. The need is to look for irregularities and try your best to get them fixed. For instance, it might be the case the chimney walls need to be cleaned. It would be a case of using the correct methods to help remove the unwanted particulars and matters from within the chimney.

Don’t Ignore Creosote

It is important to check the chimney for any build-up of creosote. It might be a case of cleaning the chimney from the creosote. The build-up of creosote can be harmful to the chimney.  It might cause the build-up of unnecessary and flammable residue deposits which might complicate the matters in the future.


It is important to make sure the chimney sweeper is wearing the correct PPE for protection and safety against coronavirus.

Further, when sweeping the chimney it is important to wear a mask to protect against harmful particles.

The above is a rough guideline as to what is important. It needs to be considered there are many more aspects of a chimney which need to be examined to decide as to what are the best solutions to fix the problems.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and does not intend to give legal or professional advice. Therefore Jordan Brothers provide no warranty or accept liability based on the contents and information in this article or website.

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