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Wood Burning Stove Ban

There should always be measures taken to reduce the level of pollution and to make the environment more eco-friendly. It comes as no surprises woodburning stoves have come under the radar to improve the air quality. There has been a debate about the extent of pollution caused by the use of wood burning stoves and their impact on a person’s health.

In the United Kingdom, there has been a concern with air quality and its impact of the health of the public.

Wood Burning And Health Concerns

The result of poor air quality is there are a number of illness which can be the result of pollution. These include lung, asthma or heart diseases, cancer and other dangerous ailments. In a bid to tackle the air pollution the government has taken plans to improve the air quality. The wood burning stoves have come under the radar and it is important to check all the preventive measures which can be taken to reduce the pollution in the atmosphere.

Wood Burning Stove Regulations

There have been talks on placing a ban on wood-burning stoves. In the past, the government has been debating how to stop the use of the wood-burning stoves. The Department of Environment has shown concern over the release of toxic particles in the atmosphere. However, this would not be a complete ban on the use of wood burning stoves but the focus would be on tighter controls and limiting the use of coal and other sources of pollutions to help to achieve a better quality of air.

In the United Kingdom, the government does not intend to place an outright ban on wood stoves. However the objective of the Clean Air Strategy 2018 is to reduce the number of polluting fuels. It is a key objective to make sure better types of stoves which are deemed to be environmentally friendly are in use by 2022.

Future of Wood Burning Stoves

It appears the aim of the government is to focus on reducing the emissions from wood burning. By using the right type of stoves it would help to improve the air quality. Since pollution is increasingly becoming a serious concern and require changes to help tackle the problems linked with pollution. This is to help to achieve key objectives and to provide  better quality of air.

It is important before buying a wood burning stove to check if it meets industry standards and helps to limit adverse effect on air quality. It would be a good idea to get advise from an expert and to select the best stove for the property. 

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