North London Chimney Sweeping Company   

We are one of the most trusted and reliable chimney sweeping companies in North London.

We are qualified to provide a high quality of service and committed to make sure to offer the most cost-effective solution to solve any chimney problems or repairs.

Why You Should Select Us

·         Issue One: It is important to check the legislation in the area to make sure the correct methods are being applied to any work being carried out on the building.

·         Issue Two: The reason is there maybe harsh penalties for non-compliance with building regulations. Thus it is a good idea to use material which meets the British Safety Standards.

·         Issue Three: It is a good idea to get a budget cost and a feasibility report before any work is carryout to make sure the approx. the amount is known for the project. Also, It would be a logical approach to check hoe to find the project.

·         Issue Four: There is an need to use the latest methods and technology to deliver a high standard of service. We always make sure to employ the best cost-effective methods to clean the chimney.

Our Motto: We aim to serve the area of North London with a professional and friendly approach. Our commitment is to make sure all our services are catered to the needs of an individual and the requirements of your building and chimney. A full service is provide and assessment of the property to set clear objectives before starting the work.

Our Aim: The objective is to do a good job so our clients can recommend us to others. We thrive on repeated business which is a testament to our list of happy customers and thriving business.

Services: chimney sweeping service aim to keeping the chimney clean so it can work efficiently. Stoves we can clean and service the stoves to help then to work better and ensure greater safety for the property. We also provide services to help to repair the chimneys and fix chimney caps, cowls and birds nesting in chimneys. If there are any types of blockings it is a good idea to have a certified chimney sweeper check the blocking and to help to remove the blockage. This is very important and can help to reduce the risk to the property.

 We employ only the most highly skilled chimney sweepers.

Covering All Of North London Enfield, Barnet , Camden, Finchely etc.