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The issue of chimneys presents a range of common problems. The dangers associated with the chimneys could be harmful to a person’s health. One of the issues is the heat which is produced from the chimney which can have an effect on the structure of the chimney. It would not be wise to ignore the chimney problems as it would increase the deterioration to the property.

It is not a case of keeping the chimneys well maintained but to make sure any form of maintenance of the chimney is carried out by a professional chimney sweeper. The use of a professional service is to help the property being looked after in the most effective way. The problem of not using a professional chimney sweeper would not result in the right maintenance of the chimney and prove to be harmful to the building in the long run.

The build-up of creosote and tar is main problems with the chimney and can effect the chimneys are creosote and tar.

The Effects of Tar on the Chimney

It is important to take care of the chimney and reducing the chances of the tar build up. The right professional treatment will help to solve the issues which are caused by tar. For instance, there is a case of the chimney must be swept from the top of the chimney and this would mean using the right brushes. Also, there is a need to use the right chemicals on the chimney as these would help to reduce the chances of the tar building up in the chimney. The treatment of the chimney by using the chemicals would help to protect and safeguard the internal surfaces of the chimney. It is very important in the vent of heavy build-up of the tar in the chimney to seek professional advice as to what is the best solution for the removal of the tar from the chimney.

The issue of removing the tar from the chimney may entail the accumulation of creosote which is a by-product and cannot be removed by just applying the method of sweeping the chimney. There is a need to make sure the removal of creosote is carried out by a professional and it there might be a need for the use of chemicals to treat the chimney. However, under no situation, it would be advisable to try to remove the creosote without the use of a professional and there might be several options which may be discussed to seek the most cost effective solution to remedy the situation.

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