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When you book a Chimney Sweep with Jordan Brothers you will normally be given a one hour appointment slot and we will attempt to get there at the beginning of that hour, traffic permitting. When we arrive on site to do the chimney sweep we require a cleared access from the front door to the fireplace to bring our equipment through. The area immediately in front of the fireplace will have two dustsheets put down for our equipment to rest on. When we do a chimney sweep on an open fireplace the fireplace opening will be sealed with a special cloth which is taped to the surround to seal the opening while we do the chimney sweep. There is a small opening in the cloth to allow the rods and brush to be pushed up the chimney and the nozzle of our vacuum is placed behind the cloth to gather all of the soot and debris before it can get into the room to cause any mess.

The vacuums we use are very powerful multi filtered units that filter down to HEPA level. To do a chimney sweep properly the brush must be pushed all the way through the flue and out of the top at the chimney pot. Very few chimneys are straight and the skill of a professional chimney sweep is being able to manipulate the rods and brush through the chimney flue and around any corners and bends as necessary to scrub all of the soot from inside the chimney. When we have got the brush poking out of the top of the chimney pot we will normally ask the customer to come outside so that they can see the brush poking out from the chimney pot, this is an old chimney sweep tradition and is meant to be lucky for the customer. They may even like to make a wish after all you can’t have too much luck. Sometimes we will not be able to show you the brush because the chimney has a cover over it. These are usually cowls which are designed to be used with the particular fire and fuel you are using. Other times the chimney cover will not be suitable and we will bring this to your attention. After we have shown you the brush we will continue the chimney sweep until we are satisfied that all of the soot has been removed and we can then begin to finish off the chimney sweep. After we have taken the cloth down any soot that has not been collected by the vacuum will be put into a heavy duty rubble sack and taken with us when we leave. We give nearly all our soot to local allotments were it is recycled by being dug into their compost heaps. We tidy up the rest of our equipment in a particular order so that no mess is left in room and you will not know we have been there.
The process is the same for Gas or Wood Burning Stoves apart from the cloth covering the fireplace is changed for a smaller or larger one.
Finally we will give you a certificate from The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) which will list if any problems or issues have been found. Payment will then be made by the customer by either cash or cheque.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and does not intend to give legal or professional advice. Therefore Jordan Brothers provide no warranty or accept liability based on the contents and information in this article or website.

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