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The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) has provided clear indications as to the importance of the annual cleaning and inspection of the chimneys. So as is the case with other items in the property the inspection of the Chimney is of importance so as to make sure there are no safety or repair issues. It is important to employ people with the right qualifications as to reduce the risk to the property. The use of unqualified and unskilled rogue tradesmen can increase the chances of a fire hazard. Therefore following are the few issues which might be useful to take into account.

  1. It is recommend to the check the qualifications
  2. Ask for testimonials
  3. How long the company has been in business
  4. Does the company hold professional indemnity insurance

Do Research and Take Several Quotes

Never rush in getting the job done, it is good to take the time out to do some research and get several quotes. It is worth seeking advice and take the time out to consider the problem with the help of a tradesmen.

Hire the Right Chimney Sweeping Company

The use of the right chimney sweeping company is very important to safeguard the property and to reduce the chances of any fire hazard. Since carbon monoxide can be a problem with faulty chimneys a regular clean and inspection needs to be carried out to make sure the there are no health and safety issues.


If you are hiring a chimney sweep it should be expected they will carry out the job to a professional standard. The chimney sweep should be carried out in a clean and tidy manor at the agreed upon appointment time. These are all things you can expect with Jordan Brothers Chimney Sweeps.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information and does not intend to give legal or professional advice. Therefore Jordan Brothers provide no warranty or accept liability based on the contents and information in this article or website.

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